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    EDMutual creates unique Electronic Dance Music Experiences, featuring Top of the line Worldwide, Nationwide, and Local talent for all events. Currently creating experiences in New Orleans, LA | Baton Rouge, LA | Auburn, AL | and finally our 1st one day Music Festival; Lunar Massive, in Atlanta, GA. More cities coming soon…Follow our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to stay updated on all upcoming EDMutual premier EDM events & News and for inspiring content, there to help make sure your day is as incredible as it has the potential be.
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What is EDMutual ?

EDMutual started off simply as a few friends who liked to live life based on making the most out of every day, appreciating what we have, and simply being happy and positive in our everyday lives. As we went to more and more EDM shows, the positivity and love started to spread. We found more and more people who wanted to make their focus being happy and spreading that positivity everywhere they went. Before we knew it, we became a massive group going to shows and festivals together, bringing nothing but genuine, positive vibes along with us.
While talking about life and of course EDM, the founders of EDMutual came up with an idea: What if we could find a way to help connect all of the amazing people in the EDM scene so that our mission of spreading happiness and positivity could reach more than just the people we came into contact with? We thought: “What would be better than a social network specifically for people who love EDM and the Culture?” On that day, the idea of EDMutual App was born. We shifted the focus of our entire lives towards making this dream reality.
As we started working on the App, the EDMutual founders and our Family of EDM lovers continued going to all of the events and Festivals we could manage so that we could spread the idea. Now after not even half a year, the EDMutual App is nearing completion, our group of friends who simply love life have been a positive change in 1,000’s of lives, and EDMutual has secured its name as one of the biggest hitters in the Electronic Dance Music industry.
We hold regular events with huge talent locally in New Orleans, LA, that have quickly become some of NOLA’s most memorable Electronic Music experiences. We have launched our first 1 Day Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia called Lunar Massive that boasts a wide variety of music, and some of EDM’s best names; both new and old. Our blog will soon be filled with some of the most intriguing, engaging material available. And we are in the process of signing Artists to the soon to be: EDMutual Talent Agency. Here at EDMutual, we believe there are no limits to what you can do. We want to be living proof that if you believe, and put your mind and determination towards what you love, you can make anything happen. We have a genuine love for EDM, the Culture, and Life in general, and we hope to spread that to as many people as possible. It’s only the beginning here at EDMutual; stay tuned !

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